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Who are we?

Well, we are just a few average schmucks - typical geeks really, with a number of years of gaming experience. We've been players and GMs alike over those years. We remember names like Bigby, Tenser, Mordenkainen, Gygax, and Arneson. We've played in good games and bad, had monumental campaigns of nostalgic joy, as well as utter epic failures best long forgotten. In essence, we'd like to think we are wise in the ways of old-school gaming (especially given our years), but that would sound conceited and egotistical. No, really! We are just opinionated...or misunderstood...most likely both. Yeah, that's the ticket! - John

Well, we are just gamer enthusiasts who like Fantasy Role Playing Games and have some years of experience in running campaigns. We enjoy the genre and the myriad of people who come to our home to game. These people have become steadfast friends outside of "the gaming experience". - Maggie

The number of times you've cursed out the DM or the number of times you rolled a "1"?


All of the characters represented on this website are fictional and not based on any real life person. These characters were developed over the years through a roleplaying game system for fun. Some characters have been recreated by other players and further developed. As the story of Agonides has developed, additional characters have been added from the original content and future game-play.

Over the years the roleplaying game has changed for D&D, to AD&D, to 3.5, and so on, finally to Pathfinder's D20 game-play system. The characters depicted on this website have been adjusted to accomodate the Pathfinder system, and the specific statistics for each character have been omitted, with the exception of generalized details.

Agonides Z'hril: Female, Half-Elf, Ranger, Chaotic Good, 120 Elven Years.

Calumdar Celtis: Male, Human, Rogue-Fighter, Chaotic Good, 23 Years.

Windomar Windsinger: Male, Human, Bard-Fighter, Chaotic Good, 30 Years.

Father Abbigale Farthingood: Male, Human, Priest, Chaotic Good, 35 Years.

Elaith (no not Craunobler) Goldleaf: Male, High Elf, Rogue-Fighter-Sorcerer, 240 Elven Years.

Jorel Floren Snome: Male, Human, Priest, 47 Years.

Amir Ala' Mahmud Fahd: Male, Human, Fighter, 28 Years.

Raavice: Male, Tiefling, Sorcerer, 23 Years.

Gabrielle DeBrouche, Male, Celestial, Cleric, 23 Years.

Pasqual Lerma: Male, Human, Wizard, 25 Years

Lorin Starmantle: Male, Human, Fighter, 22 Years.

Guthrie Starmantle: Male, Human, Fighter, 26 Years.

Rinda Starmantle: Female, Human, Sorceress, 18 Years.

Wygister Embarskett: Female, Elf, Paladin, 23 Years.

Lyra Infernas: Female, Human, Witch, 28 Years.


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