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Paralegal Services

Over thirty years of legal experience!


I have been in the Idaho legal community since 1980. I offer a full array of legal services. My practice areas include litigation - civil and criminal, commercial, business formations, administrative, estate planning and probate, real estate, bankruptcy, divorce, and contract law.

Let me start with the statement that I am not a licensed attorney, nor do I represent myself as an attorney. I provide legal services that most paralegals would provide under the general supervision of an attorney. Attorney legal services are very expensive nowadays, and more than likely an attorney's paralegal will complete the legal services required after the attorney makes an initial consultation or interview with a client. An attorney is the person who represents the interests of a client. My legal services do not represent you in any manner. I assist you in the interpretation, preparation or crafting of a legal instrument. You represent your own interest. I always recommend that a person seek legal counsel first as an initial consultation is typically free. My services are sought after a person has a general idea of what type of service or document they need; thus, avoiding expensive attorney fees.

Legal Services Guide:

The word combination of legal services is widely used nowadays. However, not all people know what legal services are and which legal services are available. The range of legal services I provide may start from applying for a loan, or interpreting legal verbiage, signing a legal document before a notary public, or crafting a legal instrument.

Some of the areas my services focus on are issues in trying to resolve debts, housing issues - buy or sell real estate, sub-leasing, rent, landlord-tenant issues, employment, education, immigration - depending on the type of Visa and application (spouse or employment based), domestic or family services in breaking a relationship, pre-nuptial agreements, division of property, death, injury, and so on and so forth. I have all the necessary documents according to law.

Fees: My fees vary depending on the legal services to be provided. I can quote a fee after discussing what is required of my service.

- Landlord disputes

- Consumer matters

- Simple wills

- Power of attorney

- Estate planning & probate

- Contracts & contract disputes

-Demand letters

- Divorce: Family court matters

- Business or real estate ventures

- Disputes

- Collection of money

Court Costs: Any court costs, service of process, or other fees outside of my legal services, shall be the sole responsibility to be paid by you.

Contact Information: Initially, please e-mail me only with your name and phone number with the subject title legal services in your e-mail and a brief description of the nature of your issue. I will return a phone call to you to discuss my legal services and/or e-mail you. References of my qualifications can be provided to you upon request.


The information provided in this website is offered for informational purposes only and is not offered as nor is intended to constitute legal advice. The services listed on this website do not seek to represent you based upon your visit to or review of this website. This website may be considered advertising. You should not make legal hiring decisions based upon brochures, advertising, or other promotional materials included in this website. In addition, due to the rapidly changing nature of the law, information contained in this website may become outdated. Do not act or rely upon any information contained in this website without seeking the advice of an attorney personally selected and retained by you.

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