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Here are a few pictures I've collected and enjoy. One of my favorite breeds other than a Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred, is the Arabian (the mother of all horses). Of course, I love anything equine from a mule, ass, burro, pony or zebra. I'm a horse enthusiast and am an amateur professional trainer. My late father and I have raced horses in the state I live in, and we've bred some very nice Foundation Quarters.

I hope you enjoy the gifs, jpegs, and images. If you have one you'd like to share, please, by all means let me know by way of the Guestbook on the main page. Thank you - Maggie


Here are some more images. Cheers - Maggie

The half-elf's shoulders relax a bit. "Aye, well I hope ye've enjoyed yer visit to the stables. I don't mind ye lookin' around on yer own, and if ye should wish to purchase, rent or borrow a mount, please let me know.


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