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The Cast of Characters

All the characters were originally Forgotten Realms-based characters, which are fictional and not based on any real life person. These characters were developed over the years by ourselves and friends during "in real life" gaming sessions for recreation. Some characters were picked up and taken over by other people and modified over the years. As the story of Agonides developed, additional characters came into play (of course not all PC's are immortal and the evil D20 may roll to the lovely "1"). Also, the game has changed from over 10 years ago. Gaming advancement or enhancement, whatever you would like to call it, from D&D to AD&D, from 3.5 to 4.0, and finally to Pathfinder (D20 setting), and with those changes stats or details of the original characters and their surroundings (conversion from Forgotten Realms to Pathfinder) has also re-evolved. With that all said, it's easier to summarize character details instead of glossing over the numbers, which, frankly, doesn't mean anything to our DM (the doting husband). We can try touting our characters all we want, but in the end, it's the DM's call. - DM John

Agonides Z'hril: Female, Half-Elf, Ranger, Chaotic Good, 120 Elven Years.

Calumdar Celtis: Male, Human, Rogue-Fighter, Chaotic Good, 23 Years.

Windomar Windsinger: Male, Human, Bard-Fighter, Chaotic Good, 30 Years.

Father Abbigale Farthingood: Male, Human, Priest, Chaotic Good, 35 Years.

Elaith (no not Craunobler) Goldleaf: Male, High Elf, Rogue-Fighter-Sorcerer, 240 Elven Years.

Jorel Floren Snome: Male, Human, Priest, 47 Years.

Amir Ala' Mahmud Fahd: Male, Human, Fighter, 28 Years.

Pasqual Lerma: Male, Human, Wizard, 25 Years

Lorin Starmantle: Male, Human, Fighter, 22 Years.

Guthrie Starmantle: Male, Human, Fighter, 26 Years.

Rinda Starmantle: Female, Human, Sorceress, 18 Years.

Wygister Embarskett: Female, Elf, Paladin, 23 Years.

Lyra Infernos: Female, Human, Witch, 28 Years.

Gabrielle Debrouche': Male, Celestial, Cleric, 24 Years.

Raavice: Male, Tiefling, Sorcerer, 24 Years.

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