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~Agonides'   Humble   Abode~

Welcome all ye travelers. It is a cold night out in the thick woods. It is even colder this night as the snowflakes fall around you, not bigger than a Tenser's sweet-arsed Disc. This humble abode backdrops off a cliff in the rear, small precipes of multi-colored rock strewn with small lichens and a small amount of fragrant winter flowers cling to small ledges where little soil provides nourishment during the long winter. The clouds hover close to the ground and the fog provides ample cover to anything hidden about. Even a few shrubs remain green with a frosty white blanket of snow. Voices inside the home grow louder and louder as you near the cottage. Male and female voices rumble with mirth and merriment. A feint glow of a fire provide what little light there is around the cottage. Pops and crackles make small ashes fly near the hearth. A few clanks of tankards by the occupants of the cottage make noises in unison with the laughter. Do you, traveler, lift your hand to knock the wrought iron circlet hanging overhead?

Hearing an abrupt silence from within, and sudden movements a moment later, the old oaken door squeaks open letting out the warm scents of bread to engulf you. The various aromas of home-cooked meals and hot spirits recently poured. The dark-haired, half-elf female smiles and shakes your hand.

A firm voice emits a greeting to the traveler. Aye, knew ye'd come. Take yer seat and rest yer weary feet for as long as ye like. My home's warm, and I keep my guests well fed, as long as they share a tale or two from their own travels and adventures. I have a few rooms available. So, I can put ye up for a few nights, but I do charge for the meal and drink. I 'ave to be able to pay for the gnomish contraption Snome bargained for in the Shining South. He did so by trading some of his own family's private brew.

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This cottage has been ramsacked times?!?!!

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